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We are dedicated to spreading the Light around the world. If you would like to experience our workshops or our other events in your country, feel free to contact us.


(Dance of Goddesses and Gods)


By Leja Raman and Ishtar Antares



Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 6 pm

(Free introduction Friday  8 pm to 10 pm)


Divine healing through spontanuous dance, embraced with divine spiral of the Goddess, helps to activate our DNA and helps us to transcend old patterns and conditioning which is written into our cellular memory banks from past generations regarding our relationship to Self, to our womanhood and manhood. During this workshop we will heal the Old and create the New and awaken our memories of who we really are, Goddesses and Gods, harmonious and healed women and men. We will experience group healing energies of the Eternal Light ® healing system. We are re-entering into our true power and gentleness, awakening passion and compassion, balacing female and male principles, accepting and giving, balacing elements inside and outside of us. Now as our planet is entering a higher dimension of existence, the Goddess is awakening again. To follow her call, we will touch Her mysteries on this workshop. We will follow them from occult sacred geometry teachings from Atlantis through neolithic shamanic legacy of old Europe, through mystery school of Goddess Isis from Egypt, to secret tantric groups of India and Tibet. In meditation we will connect with the Goddess, invoke Her presence in our auras and anchor Her in our bodies so she will guide us in our lives.





By Ishtar Antares


Mer*Ka*Ba, our Light body, is a vehicle for the Soul, our individual spaceship, our launch portal into the fifth dimension. Activation of the light body is the ultimate teaching we can receive on Earth, our ultimate preparation for Ascension and enlightenment. Proper Mer*Ka*Ba activation can only happen on planetary vortex points, planetary fifthdimensional portals. We will learn how to individually activate our Light body and also how to establish an energetic contact with our Space brothers and other beings of Light and how to cooperate with them in our life missions.




Friday: Mer*Ka*Ba training day one: Angelic presence of the Soul, Light being activation, Space brothers contact training

Saturday: Mer*Ka*Ba training day two: group Light body activation, New Atlantis, fifthdimensional reality creation

Sunday: Individual Mer*Ka*Ba activations and Mer*Ka*Ba Initiation






The dream house near the ocean. Traveling around the world in a private jet. Sharing precious moments of love with your perfect mate. Following your bliss not working for money but manifesting your divine purpose and assisting the planet while getting rich during the process. Expanding your horizons beyond your wildest dreams. All this can be yours and is intended to be yours in the life you were ment to live...


Friday     7  p.m. to 9 p.m………………….INTRODUCTION


Saturday  10 a.m. to 2 p.m. ………………. LAW OF MANIFESTATION

                                                                    -Abundance consciousness

                                                                    -Esotheric principles of manifestation


                                                                    -Next step spiritual technology


Saturday  4 p.m. to 6 p.m. ……………...… DISCOVERING YOR PURPOSE

                                                                     -Your mission – life you were born to live

                                                                     -Expressing your flow

                                                                     -Your wish is a divine command


Sunday  10 a.m. to 2 p.m. ……………….… LIFE TREASURE MAP

                                                                      -Demanifestation filters

                                                                      -Vortex support field

                                                                      -Reality shaping


Sunday  4 p.m. to 6 p.m. ………………….. MONEY FLOW

                                                                      -Creating money flow

                                                                      -Removing blocks of poverty










This is a wholistic healing system that was given to Ishtar Antares by Archangel Metatron in 2010 with the purpose of assisting humanity to prepare for the planetary transformation that is awaiting us around 2012. Now humanity is ready to receive heightened stellar energies that will accelerate our evolution. These energies help activating our etheric DNA, accelerate our Merkaba light body activation, remove energy blocks, karmic records, dysfunctional patterns and belief systems and bring us closer to love, light and joy that is the true nature of our being. This healing system is compatible with other healing sytems such as Reiki or Gaia Eternal Light and actually improves their efficiency. In Aurora healing workshop we will get familliar with this healing system. You can also choose to receive initiations into healing rays. The workshop is not a prerequisite for individual ray initiations, although it is recommended. 




PLEIADES: Manifests harmonious soulmate love relationships in our life, heals broken heart and all wounds related to self-love

SIRIUS: Brings joy and happiness in our life, erases karma through forgiveness and self-forgiveness

ORION: Helps us integrating shadow aspects of our subconsciousness, transforms fear, hatred and resentments

CENTRAL SUN: Brings us closer to our purpose and divine destiny, guides us towards the mission we were incarnated for, strengthens our free will

ANDROMEDA: Guides us towards mastery of the physical plane and towards abundance,  assists us in the manifestation process

ANTARES/ALDEBARON: Elevates our consciousness from our personality towards our soul, erases traumatic records from this or past lives

LYRA: Encourages creativity, awakens sleeping abilities, talents and potentials



SANANDA: Presence of this Master connects us with unconditional Love

KUTHUMI: This Master brings us wisdom, understanding and harmony

ASHTAR: This cosmic Being accelerates our path towards Ascension

SAINT GERMAIN: This Master assists us in manifestation process and in inner transformation

SERAPHIS BEY: This great Being connects us with Angelic and Devic evolution

DJWAL KHUL: This Master assists in all healing and self-healing processes




By Leja Raman

As we are approaching the Golden Age, our heart begins to expand and align with the Galactic heart. In this workshop we are going to prepare for this extraordinary time, a time of Galactic heartbeat. We are going to discover our divine missions and connect with our I AM presence. Our body is responding to increased presence of the Galactic heart and we wil be guided how to nurture it. We are going to connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky, achieving perfect balance between the two. Through the dance of the Goddess we are going to experience the mysteries of spiral time. In meditation we will connect with the Goddess, invoke Her presence in our auras and anchor Her in our bodies so she will guide us in our lives.




By Leja Raman




Gaia-Goddess Healing Circle is a wholistic healing circle, supported and embraced by healing energies of Eternal Light® system with all healing rays, stars Antares and Sterilyon and energies of the Goddess. This is an enormous opportunity for transformation of all unhealed parts in our own being, in the group and on a collective level. This healing circle includes energetic, emotional and physical healing and helps to remove energy blocks, trauma and belief/behaviour patterns and to reinstate equilibrium in the body, balances left and right brain hemispheres or female and male principles, works on cellular level and helps to activate human DNA potential. Lightness of being, joy and love are returned after removal of blocks and patterns, and new potentials of spiritual growth are opened for the highest good. This powerful group healing contributes towards reaching a critical mass for the transformation of the planet.




with Leja Raman



This is a powerful group healing experience. We will connect with the energies of the dolphins, joyous star beings coming from Sirius. The energies will giude us to connect with our true self, our I AM presence. Through expansion of our light bodies we will experience joy and happines and awaken the state of pure bliss of the soul.




By Ishtar Antares




»Your awakening begins, when you realize that you are angel coming from the stars. You begin to feel your angelic beauty; you are becoming aware that you are omnipresent One consciousness. You are existing in a zone of no-time in eternal now. So you are entering a new world, a world of oneness...«


                             Krotron Antarion through Ishtar Antares

In this group channeling we will experience a direct telepathic transmission from the Ashtar Command. Our cosmic brothers and sisters of Light will give us an inspiring and guiding message, completely aligned with the group. You will be also able to ask questions and receive answers from the Ashtar Command. They will also work with us energetically, showering us with blessings, love, light and healing energies of the Ascended Masters, healing light from Sirius and Pleiades and angels IS:IS, EELA and AN. The whole experience takes about two hours.





By Ishtar Antares



As an astrologer with 20 years experience, Ishtar Antares offers you an option of individual astrology consultations based on cosmic astrology, an advanced astrology system that unifies the body of knowledge from western astrology with wisdom and teachings of ancient mystery schools and also from esoteric tradition that originates from antedeluvian times of Atlantis.

Individual Cosmic astrology consultation can give you an insight into your personality, potentials, purpose of your Soul in this incarnation and possible future trends. Comparison charts between partners, co-workers, friends and companies can show the evolution of the relationship and can offer creative solutions and insights. The consultation includes an insight into your astrological chart and answers to all your questions and lasts about one hour.




Individual consultations by Leja Raman



Leja is very intuitive and can offer you guidance with Goddess and Angelic Tarot cards. You can ask questions about your life situation and receive answers. Consultation lasts about one hour.