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The Book

Aurora 2012: A Manual for Preparedness by Ishtar Antares is a deeply moving and profoundly uplifting book about our soul and our planet's future. Not many seem to understand what 2012 is really about. Yes, 2012 is the end of the cosmic cycle. But it is a time that deep in our souls we have all been yearning for...a marker in time deeply encoded into the very essence of our beings...this is not a prophecy of doom and gloom, but rather an invitation for all of us to experience the birth of something very beautiful... How can we prepare? Let this beautiful book give you many answers to these deep questions.

This is not shallow channeled material as you can mostly encounter in New age circles but rather a deep, precise and transformative message with many practical techniques and never before published information about our origins, Atlantis, twin souls, soul mates, Light body... At the beginning there is also an interview of the author as to certain important questions.

First part of this book is a collection of cosmic communications which were given by galactic beings of light between 1993 and 1995. These communications give a deep spiritual guidance for the Ascension process. Ascension is the ultimate goal of human evolution, the crown of spiritual growth.

Second part of this book is a summary of instructions for creation of living mandalas. Living mandalas are focused spiritual groups inside which group Initiation and Ascension process is taking place. This part of the book was written between 1996 and 1997. It can be used as a manual for creation of a real living Mandala.

Third part of this book was written between 2002 and 2009 as a result of telepathic contact with the Pleiadians. Small fragment of data was received from other sources also. This part of the book also gives you a detailed outlook of the civilization of light that is living under the surface of the earth. In this part of the book you can also find many interesting facts about galactic wars between light and darkness that can trigger soul memories from times millions years ago when we came to this planet and heal them. Last but not least, in this book you can also receive an enlightened perspective about 2012 and find your place and purpose in the course of events that are ahead of us…


  A word from Ishtar
About the Author

Chapter One
Transition into Aquarian Age
Where Are We going?
A Call to the Starry Family

Path Into The Light
Everybody Will Have Free Choice
We are Living in Extraordinary Times
Meditation for Connection With Ashtar Command
Let Us Become Masters of Wisdom

Three Waves
How Will It Happen?
Preparations for the Ascension

Miracle of Self Love
The Course of Transformation

11: 11
The 11: 11 Doorway
Star People

Where Are You From?
Why Are You Here?
Star Children

Your Divine Mission
Spiritualization of Matter Relationships Among You Intimate Group Consciousness

Twin Souls, Soul Mates and Soul Families
Twin Souls
Soul Mates and Soul Families
How We Meet Each Other

Antarion Conversion
The 11: 11
The 12: 12
The Antarion Doorway
The New Heaven and The New Earth

Ascension Time
How Can You Prepare

Awakening From a Dream of Duality
Connection With Starry Brothers
Release of Karma
Your Angelic Presence Releasing Attachments of Duality
Love is a Power of Redemption
Love Yourselves

Law of Manifestation
The Importance of Your Decision
Beauty is Guiding You In a New World Atlantis I
Atlantis II
Conversion Vortices
Galactic Tantra
Islands of Light
How to Create Islands of Light
Starry Stones
Use of Starry Stones
Varieties of Starry Stones

Life in Pleiades
Liquid Light
Ascension in Pleiades

Entering The New Age
What is Awaiting You After 12:12
Unconditional Redemption
Technology of Redemption
Groups of Ascension
Changes are Coming
You Are Entering a Creation of Light
Creation of Universes
Densification of the Liquid Light
About Twin Souls
Meditation for Connection With Your Twin Soul
Communication With The Krotron Star Base II
Order of the Star

New Atlantis - New Heaven and New Earth
Sacred Merger
World Light Grid
Triangle Meditation for Establishing The World Network of Light
Great Invocation
Mer-Ka-Ba I
Luxor Point and Journey Through the 11:11

Mer-Ka-Ba II
Group Mer-Ka-Ba Activation
Mer-Ka-Ba Activation
Mer-Ka-Ba III
Mer-Ka-Ba and Process of Manifestation
Meditation for Meeting Your soul Family with the Help of Mer-Ka-Ba Body
Vortices of Transition
Ascension Mandala
Tantric Merger
Abundance Consciousness Manifestation
1st Step 1: Decision
2nd Step 2: Request or Invocation
3rd Step: Acting in the Direction of Manifestation
Vortex Support Field
Reality Shaping
Communication on November 30 1994
Communication on January 18 1995
Communication on February 3, 1995
Communication on February 15 1995
Communication on March 1 1995
Communication on March 8 1995
Communication on March 15 1995

One Living Mandala
The Divine Plan
Living Mandalas
Group Merger
Group Merger Exercise
Exercises for Tantric Merger
Islands of Light
Creation of Mandalas
Mediation for Mandala Creation

Chapter Two
The Underground Kingdom of Light
Journey Into the Resistance Movement
Galactic wars
Liberation of the Planet Earth
Galactic Codex
The Goddess returns
Soul Families and 2012
The Coming Years
Vision 2012
Interview with ishtar Antares

New Atlantis
Aurora Workshop

The book has 267 pages and is currently ranking #79 among bestsellers in Religion and Spirituality/ New Age/ Channeling section on Amazon!

You can purchase an ebook for 15 EUR, delivered as a pdf file to your email address. Ebook is available also in Spanish and Chinese language.

Aurora 2012 Book