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Soul Families 


The world you are living in is getting closer and closer towards a total change. First signs of that change are already here. The world financial crisis is a result of the influx of strong cosmic energies from Galactic central sun that are transmitted through the outer planets of our solar system, especially involving Pluto. These energies enter our planet and bring to the surface everything that was hidden and suppressed. Inside the increased vibration of those new energies, an exploitative system such as exists now on our planet can not exist much longer. The financial crisis will continue up to the point where humanity will be forced to establish a system of exchange that will be fair to everybody. 2010 is the last year when things will be “business as usual”. Already in 2011 the changes will most likely get more physical and all this will lead towards a culmination point in 2012, when there will be a sudden shift of realities for the whole planet into a more positive future.

These cosmic energy changes will lead individuals to face their fears and look more deeply inside into what they did not wish to see before. This will be the greatest spiritual crisis that humanity has ever experienced. But this crisis is the only way for us as human beings to stop behaving like sheep and finally become beings of Light as was always our higher purpose.

Purification of darkness has come to the point where those who are willing can now begin to create areas of light. They will be created first in consciousness, in our interconnectedness. This interconnectedness was not possible in our old world. In our old world we were connecting with each other from the perspective of personality families. In the new world we will connect with each other as soul families. Only areas of light that we will create with interconnectedness will enable a soft transition into the new age when the financial system, which was established by occupying forces on our planet eons ago, finally crashes.

Personality family as a basic cell of society is one of main illusory ideas that was implanted into humanity in the time of Atlantis. This idea caused a shift of focus of consciousness from the soul plane towards the personality plane and also caused the creation of relationships based on genetics, which led to corruption of the genetic blueprint of humanity. If the energies of the soul do not enter the twelve stranded etheric DNA, higher spiritual abilities begin to deteriorate and an illusory matrix is created which changes the life experience into a labyrinth.

Soul family in a physical incarnation is always created by its members recognizing each other as souls, especially by recognizing their own position in the soul family mandala and becoming aware of the nature and purpose of their interrelations. When a soul family is created on a physical plane, this automatically triggers the Ascension process, a process of lifting the vibrational frequency of all its members into the fifth dimension.

For this process to occur there must be a connection between members of the soul family on all planes of creation. Most important is the soul connection that is conscious to the extent that it is recognized by the physical brain of all soul family members. On the mental plane this connection manifests as a free flow of ideas, understanding and pure communication between members of the soul family. On the emotional plane this connection shows as a free flow of emotional energy, clear emotional expression and empathy between all members. On the physical plane it manifests as expression of love through action, loving touch and clear flow of sexual loving energy between members of opposite polarity

On the soul plane there are different levels of interconnectedness between various members of the soul family. Connections between twin souls are the strongest, but they will begin to be established only after the First Contact between our planetary civilization and extra planetary forces of light. Connections between soul mates are also very powerful. There is a certain electromagnetic attraction that occurs between soul mates and it enables the transformation of all suppressed and unconscious sub personalities. There is also an underlying basic connection between all members of the soul family, between all sisters and brothers of light. This connection is based upon common purpose and a common role in manifesting divine missions that we were born for.


Interactions inside the soul family create wheels within wheels of spiral vortex movements that create a transition bridge between our third dimensional world and worlds of fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions. These spiral vortices activate our light body and serve as a platform for our transition into the new state of consciousness.

Indigo and rainbow children of the new generation inside a soul family will not be brought up only by their genetic parents, but by the whole community instead, so they will grow into much healthier individuals. Sexual energy, suppressed by religions for millennia and manipulated by modern media, will finally be released and connected with the energy of the soul. Women will discover again their role as goddesses, liberate their sexuality, connect it with the soul and begin to heal with it. Men will again become visionaries, heroes and builders of the new world. 

When we will create enough areas of light through our soul family interconnections and when our financial system will reach a critical point of decay, soul families will begin to decide to physically live together and will begin to create communities of light. Those will learn how to act according to the principles of higher consciousness. When this consciousness will be developed enough, those communities will grow into islands of light. Islands of light will be spots on the planet that will establish First Contact with extra planetary forces of light. These light forces will quench all remaining military conflicts and introduce an era of peace to humanity. It will be the dawning of the new age, the age of Aquarius... 


                                                                                                     Ishtar Antares



The Goddess Returns


After many millennia the Goddess is coming back. Her energy is coming slowly, almost without notice, but some day it will overflow the world. Her silent underground flow is slowly quenching the thirst that has accumulated in hearts of men without anybody noticing. A thirst that nothing else can quench. Not prayer. Nor meditation. Or complicated yogic exercises. Nor reading holy books of ageless wisdom. Not thousand experiences that the world can offer.

Goddess was screaming under the heel of patriarchal world for millennia. So much time has passed that everybody forgot that she ever existed. Her pale reflection was seen sometimes on dusty statuettes in forgotten museum depots. Or in the rainbow sparkling water drops of a waterfall in the Amazonian jungle, far away from human world. Or in the lovers' eyes in those moments of no time after their union. Or in the movements of a dancing girl, when nobody can see her.

Lack of feminine softness in a harsh male world has created a disbalance that thrust this world towards a brink of extinction. And now, as the patriarchal system is slowly falling apart, a memory returns from the cracks in the matrix. A memory of paradise that once was, a paradise that will be again...

In Neolithic times of old Europe, worship of healing powers of the Goddess has maintained civilization in equilibrium for hundreds of generations. The Goddess was the source of everything that ever was, a mother, a nurturer, a keeper of life, bearer of cycles of life and death. In holy caves and sacred groves intimate rituals were taking place as a gift to the Goddess. Ancient peoples were marking natural cycles of equinoxes and solstices with celebrations and festivals of sexual love, birth and spiritual renewal. Initiation into the mysteries of the Goddess was usually taking place in an underground cave, cavern or similar underground space by walking through a labyrinth and then through a ritual of merger of the Goddess and the Horned God in the center of the labyrinth. Labyrinth symbolically represented a map of human inner world and the spiritual path, a mandala of human soul, whereas the ritual of merger of Goddess and God represented the merger of female and male principles in the human psyche.

Priestesses of the Goddess were guardians of time. Time was flowing spirally, through natural exchange of seasons, through holy moments of sunrises and sunsets. Triplicity of the Goddess, reflected in the phases of the moon, showed itself in the life of women as an archetype of the maiden, the mother and the crone. The maiden is a symbol of life itself, the mother is the one that gives life and the crone is the symbol of death. Thus the triple Goddess sensibly shows the natural cycle of life and death, when death is just a door into a new life.

Also, priestesses of the Goddess were guardians of life energy. This life energy manifested in two ways. First it was the energy of fertility which brought new physical life and also it was the energy of sexual love which brought new spiritual life. In Neolithic times all society was permeated with both energies of life, therefore it was a happy society and knew happiness that modern man has lost.

But this paradise did not last forever. At the end of Neolithic era rough Kurgan warriors on their horses invaded from beyond the Caucasian steppe into the old Europe. They hated the Goddess. They hated the woman and her sexuality and were destroying it with brutal rapes. They have created hierarchy and patriarchal society as we know it now. They brought wars and violence that peaceful Neolithic peoples, worshippers of the Goddess, did not know how to resist. They were subjugated. But their belief and faith in the Goddess was strong and it carried on for millennia. Priestesses of the Goddess were active in Sumeria as naditu, priestesses of love that were not allowed to marry, but were working instead in the temple as healers and initiators of living sexual energy. This tradition carried on into Assyria and Babylon, wherefrom it reached Semitic peoples. The priestesses were active among Jews as quadesha and among Greeks as hierodulai.

The last strike to the energy of the Goddess came from institutional Christianity when in the year 392 a Roman emperor named Theodosius forbade all pagan rituals and when fanatical monks in black hoods with glassy eyes and foamy mouths started erasing the pagan temples, demolishing the statues, destroying the holy groves, raping the priestesses. The Christian symbol of a suffering man, tortured and put on a cross has replaced the soft, inviting and sensual body of the Goddess for a very long time.

But now the Goddess returns. In the last few decades a new impulse of feminine energies is coming from the depths of space and it is bringing the world back into equilibrium. These new energies have triggered many new spiritual movements such as hippie movement in the sixties, rebirth of neopaganism and widespread interest for spirituality. Many women have rediscovered the Goddess inside of their being and began working as priestesses again.

The Goddess returns. In her sacred groves the spring is coming back. Water from her healing springs will begin to round weary human bodies and souls. In underground caves and caverns, rituals dedicated to the Goddess are happening again. And I call you, o pilgrim on the path of Light, to join them.


                                                                                Ishtar Antares